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Steering rag joints

steering rag joints 1965-1967 MUSTANG WITH BORGESON CONVERSIONS 3504-50A, 50B, 50C. They eliminate road vibration and pump noise in your steering wheel. Feb 16, 2009 · Steering Rag Joint. First question,where can I purchase a new rag joint? second question if I dont have any luck with Mar 06, 2008 · And, steering shaft lengths VARY BETWEEN THE YEARS! For a very short term solution (a year or so), buying a used steering shaft, and then either using the steering shaft or the rag joint is a possibility. Loosen the bolts connecting the rag joint to steering column. 1967 - 1976 Firebird Power Steering Rag Joint Coupler, 3-1/4" OD, For 13/16" 36 Full Spline or 31 Spline with Flat Spot Input Shafts. Summit Racing carries the best steering shaft and steering wheel couplers for your project! High Quality Power Steering Rag Joint. -36 Spline. Manufacturer Part Number: 48210M80121, 48220M80100, 48310M80111. 99 Steering Rag Joint - 3/4" 30 spline - 1" DD: Have a Question? Chat with an Expert or Call 1‑800‑243‑8355. Manufacturer Reference #'s: National Parts Depot 3A525-1B (K), Vehicle Applications. Loosen the four bolts holding the column under the dash (remove dash column plastics first) Watch out for the electrical connectors as well; you'll have to disconnect at least one and loosen a wire on the column itself. OEM Style Flexible Coupling Rag Joint - 770 Round (Male) x 3/4"-30 for FR Power Box Conversion SKU: FR1951. 35230-46010. Parts for all Corvette generations. A bit to much play in the steering for my taste. parts which replaced the rubber with metal U joints. I'd intended to do this a couple weeks ago, but just got around to it today. 14. com and found another U-joint. From what I've read, there is also a similar product in the "Dorman Help products" section in your local auto parts store. 0 TR224, 4l60e, 3. pulling up on the shaft I noticed more slop. Description: 1958 1964 B2 POWER STEERING RAG JOINT 3/4-30 FEMALE SMOOTH. At the time it was fixed with Fire River. The original GM steering coupler is part of the lower steering shaft. its a dorman product so your local parts store should even have it. ooooo. Apr 27, 2021 · Re: Steering Coupler "Rag Joint" « Reply #42 on: April 27, 2021, 12:19:23 PM » After looking at a lot of these gearboxes, Ive noticed they all mount the same, 4 bolt holes but only 3 mounting bolts, This tells me they have multiple applications, and if you have looked at these gearboxes, they have multiple differnt input shafts/ spline 1. $216. See More Specifications | Check the Fit. Steering Shaft Coupler & Rag Joints for one-off steering systems, or for repairing, replacing, or restoring worn-out stock steering setups. 36-Spline, Steel, Natural, Each. steering column top plate and the spline end fits the input shaft on the stock steering box. This rag-joint is for use with manual steering boxes used on 1969 models with an output shaft sized at 3/4"-36 x 3/4"-30. This is the steering gear input shaft to steering column shaft coupling also called a rag joint. I have rebuilt my original couplers on several cars by carefully grinding off the edge of the swedged over pins. Showing items 1-2 of 2. Category. $145. Nov 30, 2019 · There's no wiring per se at the rag joint, but in my case there are two copper straps, one that attaches to the larger centering post on the steering box side (12 o'clock in my photo) and one attached to the bolt at the 9 0'clock position that connects to the steering shaft side. NOTE: For full-size Dodge Ram with non-removable rag joint flange. A rag joint is a vibration reducer/coupler used between your column and steering box and is designed to stop pulsations from the power steering pump. Actual item may vary. Steering Coupler Rag Joint for manual and power steering with Flat Spot now available! This is f or 3/4" 25 spline input shafts with flat and 3-1/4 OD steering coupling assembly. That line points to 12 o'clock when the sector gear is centered. 1979-93 Mustang Steering Shaft Rag Joint at LRS - Same Day Shipping! Borgeson has replacement steering shaft assemblies with precision needle bearing u-joints available for '79 to '09 full-size Dodge trucks. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Mar 5, 2007 #1. « Reply #19 on: April 08, 2021, 09:53:34 AM ». Oct 27, 2018 · 68-82 CORVETTE C3 STEERING COUPLER AND RAG JOINT for sale at Corvette Parts For Sale . Fits 11/16in. Price. Tacomas (2005-2015)' started by Caddmannq, May 14, 2010. -48 spline. Part Number: 052549. Jun 17, 2010 · 50rest has them. (This is the steering box and intermediate shaft from a 1989 Ford Ranger 4x4) This US made half rag joint steering coupler comes complete with a rubber disc as well as the necessary hardware for your Full Size Jeep. It looks like the coupling has "slipped" down or oversized and riding on the gear shaft seal, causing the leak. Is there a adjustment for this. Discussion in ' 2nd Gen. … read more Feb 08, 2012 · The rag joint has very little clearance and the alternator does snag my rag joint when turning. Guaranteed to be as good as Toyota part. $59. 1979-1993 Mustang. 1. Steering Coupler Rag Joint for manual steering Coupler is fully splined. In Stock. $42. Ask a question (0) OEM Style steering column rag joint flange. Mar 04, 2000 · i replaced my rag joint just by going to the store and buying a u-joint, and running two u-joints. 99: 1960-66 chevy/gmc rag joint / steering shaft adapter: item #: rag6067: $69. This coupler rag joint is required to Part # 384300. Steering Shaft Rag Joint: Item Number: 32842: Unit Price: $50. Most orders ship same day! 1967 - 1969 Manual Steering Rag Joint Coupler, 3-1/4" OD, For 3/4" 36 Full Spline Round Input Shafts. It ripped and caused a small wiring fire. 00. 42 Eaton TrueTrac. 1967-1973 COUGAR. #4 · Aug 7, 2009. Coupler (Rag Joint) ( 12) Steering Shaft Coupling ( 2) Steering Coupling Assembly ( 12) Drive Shaft CV Joint ( 3) Drive Shaft Coupling ( 3) Product ratings. 1967-1981 CAMARO. to renew mine. $ 109. High Quality Smaller Rag Joint For 1977-92 Camaros & Firebirds. $239. My steering box has the 13/16 inch diameter, 31 spline input Aug 07, 2017 · 1,005 Posts. 1967-1973 MUSTANG. There are several aftermarket and rebuilt gear boxes on the market that have different shaft sizes. Nov 15, 2016 · A quick update on the steering "rag joint". FREE Shipping. . Our exclusive design incorporates the factory style safety locks should rag joint failure occur. Add to Cart. PART NUMBER: POW-62. In this video I show you how to replace the ‘rag joint’ or, steering coupler, on a 1990 GMT400 pick up truck. 3. 99. Quantity: Call to Order. 15. 80. Please specify required options. COUPLER, STEERING SHAFT *RAG JOINT*, REPLACEMENT, FITS F-3524-23, insulator only, Also used as a replacement for Borgeson conversions. Southern Rods and Parts 2125 Airport Road Greer, SC 29651 (800) 787-8763 Message us Steering Column Rag Joint E-mail this product to a friend: Paragon Number: 247. Mar 05, 2007 · steering coupler rag joint Discussion in 'Camaro Questions' started by jimmy198123, Mar 5, 2007. INSULATOR, Steering Joint coupler (aka rag Joint), black polyurethane, includes hardware, See 3A525-1AK, 3A525-1BK, 3A525-1CK, 3A525-1DK, 3A525-1EK for mounting kit options. 99 $199. reviews. 5. Select Vehicle. Price: $9. I looked at www. In addition, using a reproduction lower steering coupler rag joint from Eckler's Steering Coupler With Power Steering For 13/16" Shaft - 36 Full Spline or 31 Spline with Flat Spot. Post Reply. These rivets must be ground off using an angle grinder, cutoff wheel, or dremel tool. This measures 3-1/4" Diameter. Application. $10. Jan 05, 2018 · There are two different types of rag joints used. "rag joint" had become too loose/mushy. The worn out coupler I am replacing is a GM part bought at a Chevy dealership in the early or mid 80's. If you are replacing your Pre-1980 gearbox with a newer style steering gear that has the 3/4-30 spline you will have to change to the small spline rag Steering Coupler; OEM Rag Joint Style; 11/16-36 X 3/4-36OEM Rag joint style flexible steering coupler. 4. Messages: These rag joints are a must when converting to power steering or rebuilding your existing manual steering system. and it's spline count, non-P/S boxes inpiut shafts here is all. $41. and it's spline count p/s and 13/16" dia. Honestly this information will apply to SEVERAL Borgeson Universal 055034 - Borgeson Universal Rag Joints. Were it mine, I would place a heim and a lock sleeve on the upper shaft, just above the middle u-joint. $104. Nov 03, 2009 · The rag joint will tolerate a lot more misalignment than those needle bearing u-joints. Its made by Lares part number 205 and now called a. 0 out of 5 stars. When installed properly, the opening in the coupler for the May 27, 2014 · You'd have to snap the two bolts in order to lose steering. Mar 17, 2021 · Bought a repacement steering column for my 57 Chev. A must when converting to power steering or rebuilding your existing manual steering system. transmitted a lot more road vibration to the wheel. $100. CA. 95. Items 1-9 of 9. Not wanting to have the steering fail as it did once already, I am glad the Rag Joint / Steering Coupler Replacement on a 1969 Ford F100. OEM Rag joint style steering column flange. Item #: 3000053440 (II) DS Ididit. X. Steering Rag Joint - 11/16"-36 Spline x 3/4"-DD. 1 out of 5 stars. Old price: $16. So if your vehicle has loose steering and is equipped with this type of coupler, this The rag joint is the only component in the steering shaft that you can replace. Depending what type of coupler you have you may have to do one part of the coupler or both parts. Product ID: RJC605L. I did a quick check for the parts mentioned in older. Because there are so many of them, and also because of the geometry of the system, a very small amount of play or looseness in the joints makes the whole system markedly sloppy and inaccurate. But, for ~?$15? you can get a "new rag joint" from the "help section" that should last another ~15+ years. Learn More. 99 ea. Dec 18, 2009 · Borgeson Universal Steering Components will have a rag joint that has the look and feel of an original but will not have the ford part number. 00 162. #10 · Aug 9, 2017. . 34. Discussion in '2nd Gen. The steering gear end is held on by a roll-pin of about 1/4" dia. Is anyone eliminating the rag joint? The shaft has Aug 06, 2009 · 5,828 Posts. Oct 06, 2006 · The P/S rag joint's gearbox coupling is smaller than the non-power as well as a tilt column has a clamp-on bottom of the column bracket whereas the non-P/S coupling is solid to the bottom of the column Something like 3/4" dia. Retail price: USD $99. Get it as soon as Wed, Aug 11. This can be used on 1967- 1981 models with manual steering boxes that have the 3/4" 25 spline input shafts with flat spot and 3-1/4" OD steering coupling assembly. Steering Coupler OEM Rag Joint Style - 3/4-36 X 13/16-36 New. Imho, unless the car has other real handling mods (and I do not mean B springs or cut stock I was wondering - Can the rag joint at the end of my steering column in my truck be replaced with a cool looking Borgeson Vibration Reducer? Anyone have any experiece with this please chime in - hate to buy one on a total leap of faith. each. Steering Couplers and Rag Joints - Steering System Components - Suspension and Chassis. This rag joint coupler mounts the lower steering column to the power steering gear box. MSRP $116. Designed to replace the lower half of the factory assembly. Jul 19, 2011 · Flaming River offers a universal joint to replace the GM rag joint Chrome Moly Racing Universal Joints - 3/4" DD X 3/4"-48 Chrome Moly Racing U-Joint - 3/4" DD X 3/4"-20 Chrome Moly Racing U-Joint . Additional information. Mar 11, 2005 · I'm about to get my steering box back into my car and I need a new rag joint. New replacement rag joint with 3/4" - 30 spline coupling to be used with Detroit Speed's 600 steering gear and your stock column. You will find the fit, finish and function will work superbly for your restoration. Jeepster Commando Steering Coupler/Rag Joint quantity Add to cart SKU: 946569 Category: Lift kits, Springs, Steering, and Suspension Tags: jeepster steering , rag joint , steering coupler Oct 24, 2010 · I noticed that my rag joint is ripping. Install the proper power steering pump mounting bracket for your application and then install power steering pump and pulley. If the universal joints are bad, you’ll have to replace the shaft. Previous Part #TUR200. Classic ea. I have a 1969 Cougar that the steering shaft rubs the plastic bushing where it exits the steering column near the rag joint. Tacomas (2005-2015) ' started by Caddmannq, May 14, 2010 . 4 × 4 × 30 in. Brand: SUZUKI – OEM. Intermediate Steering Shaft Universal U Rag Joint Coupler Lower Fits 2008-2012 Ford Escape Lower 2008-2011 Mercury Mariner Mazda Tribute Replace 8L8Z3B676E 8L8Z3B676C ZZC032850B 425-358. Jan 5, 2018 #16. Steering Couplers and Rag Joints. The original steering coupler (rag joint) can become sloppy over years of use or if any engine fluids have spilled on it. If rag joint flange is removable, order steering shaft #000943. Condition: New. SKU: 48251-52000. 49. 00 2 147. Reproduction Of Original Splines Are Only 3/4 Around Center Hole This Corvette reproduction lower steering coupler rag joint has been manufactured to original factory specifications using today's modern manufacturing techniques. Also fits: 64-72 GTO / LeMans, 64-72 Chevelle, 64-72 Olds Cutlass, 67-76 Camaro. Tired of ripping those stock rubber steering rag joints? We've designed a heavy duty replacement that can outlast the original factory unit by up to 5 times longer. I've checked out and attempted to convert to the U-joint intermediate shaft from a '98 Grand Cherokee as has been heralded in this forum elsewhere, but found the upper end of the new shaft to be too large for the small double-D end coming from the firewall. 3/4" DD X 3/4"-48 Vibration Resistor U-Joint SKU: FR1899. Quantity. ( 1 ) Part Number: BRG-055034. There are two bolts that retain the splined rack coupler to the rag joint that must be removed. FLA-FR1701 which has the same 9/16", 26 spline on one end and is made to fit a 3/4" shaft on the other end. Be the first to write a review for this product! USD $99. The rag joint is the only component in the steering shaft that you can replace. Mon-Fri 7:30am-5pm | Sat 10am-3pm PT Experts are This rag joint coupler mounts the lower steering column to the power steering gear box. Details. STOP!! Before Ordering YOU MUST MEASURE YOUR GEAR BOX INPUT SHAFT. The rag joint is also retained to the shaft with two "rivets". P/N 408-0201 Replace your worn out or damaged steering coupling (also known as rag joint) Worn out steering coupling can affect steering feedback and overall safety Plated hardware &amp; metal components for corrosion resistance Size: 13/16" 31 spline input shafts with flat and 3-1/4" od steering coupling assembly Box MI. Steering Coupler, Rag Joint, 18mm DD, 3/4 in. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Made in USA Applications: 1969 Cama ro models with ididit steering column. 22. M. I pulled the column with the long rod still … read more This Borgeson replacement assembly incorporates a needle bearing u-joint, a flanged end to accept the OEM rag joint, and a telescoping shaft which will correct the classic Dodge "steering wander". NOTE: Check your input shaft spline type and size and coupler outside diameter before ordering. Eckler's warehouse is open, shipping daily and ready to meet all of your automotive needs. What is everyone doing to gain some clearance? A slightly shorter belt might bring it in a CH but I don't know if that would gain a whole lot. v8powerv8jim · Registered. Installed a parts store rag joint and its starting to rip out as well. Only does it on uneven ground. granted they are usually for 67-70 mustangs but they should work on a maverick. 42 Zexel Torsen, CTS-V/C4 brakes. The type made of woven cloth and rubber is an earlier style and then from 71 on there is a type of solid rubber which is about 1. Hey Truckee, You might be able to find the poly insert (rather than rubber) out of an s10 joint to rebuild your current rag joint. $25. Provides rag joint flange connection at the base of your steering column or steering shaft. USD 162. TIP: Fits 1961–79 Ford and Mercury cars and trucks with 3/4" 36-spline full-round input shafts with 3-1/4" outside diameter steering coupling. Coupler ~ is also called "Steering Rag Joint". Ford Ranger Intermediate Steering Shaft Rag Joints. -36 Spline X 3/4in. the posts without much luck. OEM Style Flexible Coupling Rag Joint - 770 Round (Male) x 3/4"-30 for FR Power Box Conversion. It is not a separate serviceable part from GM. 2. Image is a representation of this item. This coupler rag joint is required to Correct manual steering rag joint for 66 - 72 Chevelle and 1968 - 1972 Nova. Qty: AddThis. JEGS Steering Couplers/Rag Joints replace the worn stock components to regain the "factory new" feel. Quick View. Steering column rag joint, all w/flat on steering box shaft. 1958-1964 Impala Rag Joint ,Power Steering POWER STEERING RAG JOINT 3/4-30 FEMALE SMOOTH These rag joints are designed for use with our 500 series box or older 605 conversion boxes to the original steering column shaft. Rag Joint Coupler, Manual or Power Steering. 4) Clean the coupler of any accumulated gunk. I know I can just go down to any auto parts store and pick up a rubber/nylon rag joint (the "HELP" section of most stores) but I've seen some polyurethane ones on ebay and from Ingalls Engineering Co. The joints in a steering system all wear gradually and become slack. Steering CouplerBorgeson Universal Steering Rag Joint Vibration ReducerOn some factory applications, a flexible coupling or Rag Joint was used to attach the column to the steering box when there was perfect alignment. Oct 27, 2013 · Mustang Steering Shaft Rag Joint (79-93) Maintain optimum steering with these Dorman steering shaft rag joint discs. May 14, 2010 · Steering Rag Joint Mod, Phase-1. New replacement rag joint with 3/4″ x 30 spline coupling to be used with Turn One’s Saginaw 600 series steering box and your stock column. Fits 1in. Insure that the fittings are sealed and properly tightened and then slowly fill the pump with power steering fluid. was the shaft between the steering box and the firewall; the rubber disc or. 1967 Replacement Rag joint for your steering shaft to steering box connection. 1955 Bel Air 2 Door Post - 357 TPI, Muncie M20, 4 wheel disc. Discussion Starter · #1 · Feb 16, 2009 Apr 08, 2021 · I knew that I have seen that fat rag joint before, and today while I was digging around for a steering shaft part, I came across this, see attached pictures. OEM Replacement, economically priced. Unfortunately these. We offer this steering coupler in two different sizes. I have the factory power steering box and a factory tilt column. Necessary to adapt Pre 1979 stock steering shaft (D-Shape) to 600 Steering Gear. Chevron Up. Steering Gearbox Couple - Rag Joint - 1ea- 9/72-84 Aft Mrkt. Connect power steering hoses (The low pressure line is the 16MM port closest to the rag joint). Joined Jan 10, 2009 · 361 Posts . Apr 06, 2021 · Re: Steering Coupler "Rag Joint". The telescoping shaft is a safety feature not found in the stock OEM assembly and it will accommodate 3" aftermarket body lift kits. 5in thick and each mount point (four of) is a drilled through triangle of metal vulcanized into the rubber. Our Price: $39. I dont believe the splined hub on the s10 joint mates with your current steering box. Honestly this information will apply to SEVERAL GM vehicles of a similar vintage, not just trucks. Is your steering sloppy? Does the steering wheel turn and the front wheels take a while to catch up? Does your truck wander around on the road? If so, this is a common fix for the above conditions. 99. First one was replaced with the install of the borgesen shaft. Description. Borgeson Universal Rag Joints. GM Part Number: 7818568. Rag Joint Half-Coupler. These rag joints are designed for use when running a stock "GM" steering column intermediate shaft. Borgeson Universal > More Info. STEERING COLUMN / LOWER STEERING SHAFT / RAG JOINT (OEM) - SAMURAI '85-'95 quantity. 1989 Camaro IROC-Z Convertible - 355 big tube TPI, WC T5, 3. Regular price: $37. Notes: For 3/4" 26 spline input shafts with 2-3/4" OD steering coupling assembly. Steering column side. Notification will be sent to your e-mail address every time the item price is decreased. This is about the problem posted in a couple other threads here where the rubber donut between the upper & lower steering shafts is so floppy that the Mar 13, 2020 · Fixing Loose Steering, Rag Joint Replacement. This is for 3/4" 36 FULL SPLINE ROUND input shafts with 3-1/4" OD steering coupling assembly. 00 In Stock: Quantity New 1982-91 Ford Bronco 1982-91 Ford F150, F250, F350 ~ Detailed Description Sep 30, 2008 · 3) Remove the coupler from the steering box. 5 Reviews. summitracing. Dorman Steering Couplers/Rag Joints Show Product Info. Dave, The input shaft on the steering box should have a line on the end of it for an alignment mark. All that matters is the overall coupling length, shaft sizes, spline count, and OD so there's no turn interference. i think that the problem with not having the rag joint is that noise travels up your steering column, and on bumpy roads my steering wheel sounds like a seal barking. Pre-1980 steering gears will be a 13/16”-36 spline and 1980 to present with be the smaller 3/4”-30 spline. This one came out of a '69 Fleetwood parts car I had years ago when I still had my '69 ragtop. 49 We offer the highest quality rag joints available at a fair price! Choose the correct spline size for the gearbox in your vehicle. Mar 19, 2014 · I noticed that the Steering shaft rag joint (the joint before the box) is slipping and introducing a bit of play. Premium quality P/S Rag Joint Coupler at a budget friendly price, order yours today! Steering Coupler With Power Steering For 13/16" Shaft - 36 Full Spline or 31 Spline with Flat Spot. 3/4" DD X 1" Smooth Vibration Resistor U-Joint. This can be used on 1967- 1981 models with manual steering boxes that have the 3/4" 36 spline input shafts that are FULL SPLINE, NO FLAT SPOT and 3-1/4" OD steering coupling Jun 08, 2006 · At 151,000 miles, my '96 Jimmy's sloppy rag joint has finally driven me to find a better solution. 3/4" DD X 1" Smooth Vibration Resistor U-Joint SKU: FR1899-14. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 8 of 8 Posts. Borgeson has replacement steering shaft assemblies with precision needle bearing u-joints available for '79 to '09 full-size Dodge trucks. Part # 4463431. It may not be visible because of the plastic collar which surrounds the lower steering shaft. Will apply to all 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, and 1972 Ford F-Series Trucks. I've read all the posts on this subject and decided. Rag Joint Bowtie Replacement - 3/4" DD X 3-1/4" Long SKU: FR1949T. Apr 08, 2020 · I've always had some steering wheel wonder in my 1974 nova, while it could be something more do you thing is would be a major part of it? It's my Rag Joint (Included photos), and I've had a few people tell me I should replace it, or "Tighten it", so you think I should Bite the Bullet and spend . Fits 13/16" Input Shafts. Attaches with two studs to the original O. I have not bought an aftermarket coupler/ rag joint. Fits FJ40/45/55 9/72-84. Page 3 of 3 < Prev 1 2 3. The male shaft of my rebuilt PSC 2WD steering box is 3/4" x 30 splines, and the factory GM steering shaft is 1" diameter with two "flat" tapers Apr 19, 2020 · I am needing a new steering coupler ( rag joint ) for my '68. Manufacturer Reference #'s: 000941, Vehicle Applications. Vehicle Specific Fits 12 models. If the universal joints are bad, you'll have to replace the shaft. It comes complete with a clinch bolt. DESCRIPTION. There has also been talk here of making an aluminum insert to replace the rubber in the rag joint. A search through Rock Auto and found what I needed. 5) Next you have to grind away the heads of the bolts that hold the existing rag joint together. $246. 1960-87 chevy/gmc steering shaft rag joint rebuild kit: item #: rag6072: $14. jimmy198123 Member. For 1974-1980 Full Size Jeeps 13/16–36 spline choose part # 990013. The coupler/rag joint has a small pointer or notch on it that you line up with the line on the steering box input shaft. 1978-1979 F150-F350 W/ RAG JOINTED SHAFT AND F-3524-23. I looked online and searched forums and I can't fine any solid information about these 2000-2003 model steering shafts, aftermarket options, replacements, etc etc. Make sure that shaft with the coupling is absolutely parallel to the steering column, or it will cause a bind. I tried to buy a gm power steering coupler for our cars years ago and was told they are no longer available. Rag joint half coupler for 3/4″-30 Spline for 600 series gear. Quality Aftermarket Part. This may also ap May 12, 2004 · Meadow Lands, PA. I just recently purchased two from them, one for a 61 ford 36 spline box and one that had to have a 36 spline on one end and a Double D on the other to fit a Flaming River column. For 1981-1991 Full Size Jeeps 3/4–30 spline choose part # 990012. Add To Cart. Repair Kit, Steering Coupler Rag Joint, 1964-72 Buick/Olds/Chevrolet/Pontiac. Aug 25, 2010 · I have a 96 Buick Wagon and would like to replace the rag joint or get one of those jeep cherokee steering shafts with the two universal joints that is supposed to improve the overall steering. This coupler rag joint is required to connect the steering column to the steering box. May 02, 2017 · One item. Steering Rag Joint, 3/4 Inch-30 Spline x 3/4 Inch-36 Spline. Includes all new hardware. Part# KR20067 . PART NUMBER: POW-92. Add to Buildlist. Rag joints eliminate road vibration and pump noise in your steering wheel. Dorman Products Steering Coupling Disc Kit 1980-1989 Ford/Lincoln/Mercury. 12. E. You could adapt that. Price: $12. Below is some photos to help you identify the rag joints. com free parts and accessories classifieds. 1998 Camaro Z28 - Bright Red, 6. Click, large photo shows front & back side view. Pricing. This rag joint can be used with other steering gears with the 3/4″ x 30 spline input shaft (commonly found on GM vehicles 1980-present). Performance Online's steering slip shaft coupler connector is used on the steering column side of your gear box rag joint for a nice clean connection to the intermediate steering shaft. Now they, after a couple. The spline count is probably 26. With it they sent a rag joint that appears to convert from the 3/4" rod out of the steering box to a 1". steering rag joints

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